Legal Name
Gulf Oil Corporation
around 1901
Current Place
Gulf Tower, Pittsburgh, United States of America


Gulf Oil was a major global oil company from the 1900s to the 1980s. The eighth-largest American manufacturing company in 1941 and the ninth-largest in 1979, Gulf Oil was one of the so-called Seven Sisters oil companies. Gulf Oil Corporation ceased to exist as an independent company in 1985, when it merged with Standard Oil of California , with both re-branding as Chevron in the USA. Retail stations in Canada were acquired by Ultramar the same year.However, the Gulf brandname and a number of the constituent business divisions of GOC survived. Gulf has experienced a significant revival since 1990, emerging as a flexible network of allied business interests based on partnerships,franchises and agencies. Gulf, in its present incarnation, is a 'new economy' business. It employs very few people directly and its assets are mainly in the form of intellectual property: brands, product specifications and scientific expertise. The rights to the brand in the United States are owned by Gulf Oil Limited Partnership , which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cumberland Farms and operates over 2,100 service stations and several petroleum terminals; it is headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts.

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