Research Institute for Advanced Studies

around 1955
around 1973
Birth Place
Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America


The Baltimore-based Research Institute for Advanced Studies, not to be confused with the better-known Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, was among the several centers for research in the mathematical and physical sciences established throughout the United States after World War II, in recognition of the critical role that fundamental scientific research played in the outcome of that war. Although not as well known as other similar institutes, such as the IAS mentioned above, or the RAND Corporation, it nevertheless made significant contributions to the sciences of systems and control theory, and various branches of mathematics, during its 18-year existence. The Research Institute for Advanced Studies was founded in 1955 by George Bunker of the Glenn L. Martin Company. It's founding was the idea of George Bunker, who took over from Glenn Martin as chairman of that company in 1952. Like the leaders of other aircraft companies in the United States, Bunker recognized that the future of aviation lay in applying new ideas of fundamental research in mathematics, electronics, and physics that had been developed during World War II. Bunker established the Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, specifically chartered to support fundamental research.

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