Romulus Capital

"We are a venture capital firm of the future, one that merges the classic, humanist focus on building large, impactful entities with the exciting realities of modern entrepreneurs."

around 2008
Current Place
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America


Romulus Capital invests in early-stage technology companies that are looking to become industry leaders. We invest in brilliant – often first-time – entrepreneurs often affiliated with top universities and incubators; as a given company grows, our total investment can scale to $5M and beyond. We are focused on company-building, rather than betting, and we remain strong partners throughout the trajectory of growth. Our firm is youthful, entrepreneurial, and experienced, with a powerful investor base from around the world. We place a heavy emphasis on the people in whom we invest and the market opportunity they pursue; we are interested in sparks of rational genius and industry-leading ambitions.

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