Sherman Fairchild

A business man who made significant contributions to aviation as well as playing an important role in Silicon Valley

April 7, 1896
March 28, 1971
Birth Place
Oneonta, New York, United States of America
Current Place
New York, United States of America


Sherman Mills Fairchild was an American businessman, investor and inventor. He founded over 70 companies, including Fairchild Aircraft, Fairchild Industries, Fairchild Aviation Corporation, and Fairchild Camera and Instrument. Fairchild made significant contributions to the aviation industry and was inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame in 1979. His Fairchild Semiconductor company played a defining role in the development of Silicon Valley. He held over 30 patents for products ranging from the silicon semiconductor to the 8-mm. home sound motion-picture camera. Fairchild is also responsible for inventing the first synchronized camera shutter and flash as well as developing new technologies for aerial cameras that were later used on the Apollo Missions.

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