Tinker Hatfield

"When you sit down to design something, it can be anything, a car, a toaster, a house, a tall building or a shoe, what you draw or what you design is really a culmination of everything that you've seen and done in your life previous to that point."

April 30, 1952
Current Place
Portland, Oregon, United States of America


Tinker Hatfield is an American designer of numerous Nike athletic shoe designs, including the Air Jordan 3 through Air Jordan 30, the twentieth anniversary Air Jordan XX, the Air Jordan XXIII, the 2010 (XXV), the 2015 Air Jordan XX9 (XXIX), and other athletic sneakers including the world's first "cross training" shoes, the Nike Air Trainer. Hatfield oversees Nike's "Innovation Kitchen". He is Nike's Vice President for Design and Special Projects.

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