Marion Donovan

"I went to all the big names that you can think of, and they said: ‘We don’t need it. No woman has asked us for that. We don't need it at all.' So, I went into manufacturing myself."

October 15, 1917
November 4, 1998
Birth Place
Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States of America
Current Place
New York, New York, United States of America


Marion Donovan was an American inventor and entrepreneur. She developed the first waterproof disposable diaper. After World War II, unhappy with the thankless and repetitive task of changing her daughter's cloth diapers, along with the mess the soiled diaper made to the surrounding bedsheets and her daughter's clothing, she came up with a possible solution. With the use of a sewing machine and a shower curtain, she succeeded in developing what is considered the first waterproof diaper cover. Not only did this new diaper keep the bed and clothing from becoming wet or soiled, but it also did not cause chafing or diaper rash.

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