Joe Hruska

"Really crappy day yesterday (3/31) - it's great having a job to come to on a Monday that makes me feel a ton better."

July 4, 2017
Current Place
United States of America


Joe has a long history with multi-platform environments, having been responsible for networks that included mission critical Unix based applications, Windows desktops, and Linux database servers. His clients have included Fortune 100 companies like British Petroleum, the SAFE project for the State of Utah, Division of Child & Family Services, and non-profits like AREA - Alaska Robotics Education Association. Prior to co-founding RescueTime, Joe was the President and CTO of Integrity Solutions, Inc. a custom ISV and software integration company. ISI was successfully acquired by investors in November 2006. For RescueTime, Joe builds the data collectors for both the Mac and the PC, works on the REST web service, and does magical things with MySQL.

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