Nick Swinmurn

“Our customers and the word of mouth they’ve spread about Zappos have been the biggest reasons for our success. We realize that and are focused on continually doing whatever we can to improve their experience.”


Nick Swinmurn founded in 1999. He left Zappos in 2006 before it reached $1 billion sales in 2008 and was sold to Amazon in 2009. After college, Swinmurn initially worked in ticket sales for the San Bernardino Stampede minor-league baseball team and then for the San Diego Padres. He then returned to northern California and worked at, saying he was inspired by the 'anything is possible' attitude of the founders. He left Autoweb in 1998 and considered other options such as running a portal for students before finally deciding to start left Zappos in 2006 and started Stagr, an online T-shirt company. He shut that down after a year, and started the Dethrone clothing line with his brother Dan that caters to fans of Mixed Martial Arts.

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