Backblaze Storage Pod

"Our secret to the least expensive cloud storage in the world!"

Announcement / Release
September 1, 2009
Birth Place
San Mateo, United States of America


Offering both an unlimited online backup service and the world's least expensive cloud storage service takes a lot of data storage. When Backblaze started out we needed a way to store our customer's data inexpensively and safely. We developed the Backblaze Storage Pod as the key building block of our cloud storage. Later we grouped 20 Storage Pods into a Backblaze Vault to optimize the reliability and durability of the entire system. A Storage Pod consists of 45, and now 60, hard drives in a 4U sized server made from commercially available parts. Over the years we've introduced new and improved designs and each new version we open source the hardware design. That's right, anyone can build their own high capacity storage server for as little as a nickel ($0.05) per Gigabyte, and many people have done exactly that.

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