"Seeing Is Believing – Document Embedding at Its Best"

Announcement / Release
around 2007
May 9, 2013
Birth Place
San Francisco, California, United States of America


Crocodoc converts Microsoft Office and PDF documents to HTML5 so your users can view them right in your web app. Embed documents in any web or mobile app using a simple iFrame or JavaScript library – no plugins, downloads, or desktop software required. Documents are displayed instantly in Crocodoc and look just like the originals. Pure HTML5 and CSS3 rendering means that text always looks sharp and viewing is fast and responsive. Crocodoc offers 256-bit document encryption, on-premise storage options, and multiple deployment options including software as a service (SaaS) and private cloud hosting. Documents look great on mobile devices. Crocodoc’s viewer utilizes a special touch UI and is optimized for speed. Allow your users to effortlessly collaborate on documents using Crocodoc's built-in commenting, highlighting, and drawing tools.

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