"Get More Customers With Referrals"

Announcement / Release
around 2013
Birth Place
United States of America


Cursive enables powerful referral campaigns for any subscription business using Stripe. Cursive keeps track of who referred who, and credits the customers upon conversion. Keep your customers happy while we make sure that potential fraud is handled. Each one of your customers gets its own beautiful, conversion optimized referral landing page. Customers can share these privately with their contacts or on the web. Measure your referral growth through powerful analytics. Gain valuable insights on the impressions, signups and conversions of your campaigns to increase growth. Cursive uses up-to-date user data from your Stripe account. Integration is done securely with a single click through Stripe Connect using OAuth. Unique referral URLs are generated for each one of your customers. These can be distributed to your customers at your own convenience.

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