SpaceX Falcon 1e

An upgraded version of the SpaceX Falcon1

Announcement / Release
December 2010
Birth Place
Hawthorne, California, United States of America


The Falcon 1e is an American launch vehicle which is an upgraded version of the SpaceX Falcon1 vehicle, which was retired in 2009 following five launches, two of which were successful. The Falcon1e consists of a new first stage, the same second stage used on the Falcon 1, and a new, larger payloadfairing, and was proposed to be partially reusable. It had originally been announced to make its maidenflight in mid-2011, but the company withdrew the rocket from the market, citing 'limited demand.'TheFalcon 1e was withdrawn from the SpaceX sales portfolio in 2011 due to a lack of sales for the smallpayloads Falcon 1e was capable of flying.SpaceX stated in December 2011 that 'Current plans are forpayloads that would fly on Falcon 1 to be served by flights on the Falcon 9, utilizing excess capacity'and no Falcon 1e flights are scheduled through 2017.The 1e first stage would continue to use a pump-fedMerlin 1C while the second stage engine would be a pressure-fed modified Kestrel called a Kestrel 2.

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