VR Interactive Storybook

"A new way for children to learn how to read"

Announcement / Release
September 26, 2015
Birth Place
Seattle, Washington, United States of America


VR Interactive Storybook is a storybook created with the HTC Vive for the 2015 Seattle VR Hackathon. This project won Best in Show. Our Hackathon team built an interactive storybook using Unity, Steam, and the HTC Vive. The HTC wands became "phonetic wands" in the virtual world, allowing the reader to read at his or her own pace. We used rapid prototyping methods to build and test quickly including sketching, painting, and using Vive Tilt Brush. When designing for the Vive, we had to consider scale and how it would feel to read a giant storybook. Furniture had to be low to the ground or not provide any seating areas or resting areas (people can fall or drop the wands). Area in the virtual world needs to work with the real world floor plan so that people don't walk into walls. Lastly, we had to test as we developed to make sure that our frame rate was not to slow, which can cause cybersickness.

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