iPod Classic 3rd Gen

"Now for Windows"

Announcement / Release
April 29, 2003
around 2005
Birth Place
United States of America


On April 29, 2003, Apple announced a completely redesigned third generation iPod. Thinner than the previous models, the third generation models replaced the FireWire port with a new Dock Connector and introduced the Touch Wheel, a completely non-mechanical interface with the four auxiliary buttons located in a row between the screen and the touch wheel. The front plate had rounded edges, and the rear casing was slightly rounded as well. A new wired remote connector was introduced. Whereas first and second generation iPods had an auxiliary ring around the headphone port for the remote, the third generation iPods had a 4-pin jack adjacent to the headphone port. A 10 GB model was sold for US$299, a 15 GB model for US $399, and a 30 GB model for US $499. All iPods were now compatible with Mac and Windows out of the box.

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