Series Seed

"The Series Seed Documents are a standardized set of documents that can be quickly and easily deployed for a seed investment: to help get a company financed properly, legally quickly and intelligently."

Announcement / Release
around 2012
Birth Place
United States of America


The Series Seed Documents should reduce both the time and cost of a financing transaction. It should go without saying, but time and money are the two things most vital to a young company. From an investor’s perspective, while moving away from the traditional full-blown financing documents entails giving up a number of rights and protections, when taken across numerous transactions, the benefits of spending less time and money on the documents outweigh the cost of sacrificing these additional rights and protections. Moreover, I don’t believe there’s anything included (or excluded) in these documents that will be wildly controversial. Based on discussions with numerous practitioners, I believe these documents largely represent a consensus as to what should be in seed round documents. Additionally, I plan to “open source” the documents so that they can be continually improved by suggestions from the community.

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