Nikola Tesla's Electro-magnetic Motor

An induction motor that ran on alternating current

Announcement / Release
around 1887
May 1889
Birth Place
New York, United States of America


"My present invention is directed to the production and improvement of apparatus capable of more nearly meeting these requirements than those heretofore available, and though I have described various means for the purpose, they involve the same main principles of construction and. mode of operation,which may be described as follows: A motor is employed in which there are two or more independent circuits through which alternate currents are passed at proper interval ,in the manner hereinafter described, for the purpose of effecting a progressive shift-ing of the magnetism or of the lines of force 1 in accordance with the well-known theory, and a consequent action of the motor. It is obvious that a proper progressive shifting of the lines of force may be utilized to set up a movement or rotation of either element of the motor, the armature, or the field-magnet, and that if the currents directed through the several circuits of the motor are in the proper direction no commutator for the motor will be required; but to 5o avoid all the usual commutating appliances in the system I prefer to connect the motor-circuits directly with those of a suitable alternate-current generator. The practical results of such a system, its economical advantages, and the mode of its construction and operation will be described more in detail by reference to the accompanying diagrams and drawings."

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