Eve CardWiki

"The idea was basically a marriage between Wikipedia, Google, and the semantic web."

Announcement / Release
November 2015
February 2016
Birth Place
San Francisco, California, United States of America


Users would create entities in Eve, which were akin to wikipedia articles. Then the user could write plain-text queries (like the Edward Norton example) and get results. With the Eve engine and a little natural language processing (NLP), this was everything necessary to replicate the Apple TV demo. The query is entered as plain text. The color of the text marks its class, one of entity (blue), collection (green), attribute (pink), or operation (orange). This class is determined by a little NLP magic, which I will detail in a future post. Relationships are then built between each of the identified tokens (according to the facts in the Eve database), and the whole thing is turned into a plan for execution by the Eve engine. This opens up some awesome possibilities.

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