Nikola Tesla's Dynamo Electric Machine

Nikola Tesla's AC electric generator


"My present invention relates, chiefly, to the alternating-current system invented by me' and described in prior patents, notably 381,968 and 382,280, of May.1, 1888, in which the motors or transformers, or generally the converters, are operated by a progressive shifting or movement of their magnetic poles produced by the co-operative action of independent magnetizing-coils through which pass alternating currents in proper order and direction. In my said system, as I have heretofore shown, employed a generator of alternating currents in which there were independent induced or generating coils corresponding to the energizing coils of the converter, and the relations. of the generator and converters were generally synch that the speed of rotation of the magnetic poles of the converter equaled that of the armature of the generator."

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