DR Logo Programming Langauge

"DR Logo is the first of a new family of languages that promises not only to change our programming style, but to alter the way we think about computing itself.."

Announcement / Release
January 1982
Birth Place
Pacific Grove, California, United States of America


Dr. Logo for the IBM PC is an advanced version of the popular Logo programming language. This is a language you can use in business, education, and home environments on your IBM Pc. The true beauty of Dr. Logo is its simplicity. Beginners can sit down and start programming during their initial session. Dr. Logo includes "turtle graphics". A computer controlled "turtle" appears on the screen and responds to commands that make it move forward and rotate left and right. As the turtle moves, it leaves a trail of color in one of four colors. Using the IBM PC as an electronic sketchpad, you can type simple commands to create an endless array of images. Dr. Logo takes advantage of the IBM PC's 16 bit 8088 microprocessor by supporting up to 256K bytes of RAM. Digital Research has included features in Dr. Logo which make it suitable for sophisticated programming projects. Dr. Logo allows the user to include comments and indentation procedures-crucial to structured programming.

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