Kiddicraft Self-locking Bricks

"Hundreds of hours of really worth-while play"

Announcement / Release
around 1939
Birth Place
England, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Hilary Page was a pioneer in the use of plastics to manufacture toys. In 1939 Hilary Page applied for a patent for 'Toy Building Blocks' - it was a building toy based on traditional wooden cubes but made out of plastic and more with a hollow interior and four studs on the top. Studs were not a new invention because some building toys like rubber made Minibrix already used it, but Page had the intuition to reverse the position of studs from the bottom to the top of the block. In the subsequent patents he described smaller hollow bricks with 4 and 8 studs on top. These 'Self Locking Bricks' were manufactured as a Hilary Page 'Sensible' Toy, beginning from 1946.

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