iPod Classic 2nd Gen

"Mac or Windows"

Announcement / Release
July 17, 2002
around 2004
Birth Place
Cupertino, California, United States of America


The 2nd generation of the iPod was introduced on July 17, 2002. Using the same body style as the first generation, the hold switch was redesigned, a cover was added to the FireWire port, and the mechanical wheel was replaced with a touch-sensitive wheel. The front plate also had rounded corners and edges. The second-generation class was available in 10 GB for US$399 and 20 GB for US$499. The first generation 5 GB iPod was carried over, but its price was reduced to US$299. Notably, the second-generation iPods and the updated first-generation iPod were now Windows-compatible. These versions came with a 4-pin to 6-pin FireWire adapter and were bundled with Musicmatch Jukebox. At that time iTunes was Mac only and unavailable for Windows.

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