iPod Classic 6th Gen

Announcement / Release
September 5, 2007
September 9, 2014
Birth Place
Cupertino, California, United States of America


During a special iPod-centric event on September 5, 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the 6th generation iPod. Featuring slightly thinner bodies, the 6th generation iPod also had dramatically improved battery life, claiming up to 36 hours of music playback and 6 hours of video playback. The iPod Classic has a 2.5" backlit display at a resolution of 320x240. The front plate of the iPod is now made of anodized aluminum instead of polycarbonate plastic. This marks the first time white is not available as a color option for an iPod. The 6th generation iPod also introduced a completely overhauled user interface, incorporating more graphics and Cover Flow. The iPod Classic was offered in an 80 GB model for MSRP US$249 and a 160 GB model for MSRP US$349.

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