"Posterous is the dead simple place to post everything. Just email us."

Announcement / Release
May 2008
March 2012
Birth Place
San Francisco, California, United States of America


Posterous was a simple blogging platform started in May 2008. Updating to Posterous was similar to other blogging platforms. Posting could be done by logging into the website's rich text editor, but it was particularly designed for mobile blogging. Mobile methods include sending an email, with attachments of photos, MP3s, documents, and video . Many social media pundits considered Posterous to be the leading free application for life streaming. The platform received wide attention when leading social media expert Steve Rubel declared he was moving his blogging activity entirely to Posterous. Posterous allowed users to point the DNS listing for a domain name or subdomain they already owned to their Posterous account, allowing them to have a site hosted by Posterous that used their own domain name.

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