Your Mechanic


Announcement / Release
around 2012


Dealing with car problems is not only a time-consuming and frustrating experience, it is often expensive. Car owners often lack visibility regarding the quality of mechanics or fairness of price. At the same time, the mechanics who put in the hard work fixing cars make very little money at repair shops (less than 20% of what consumers pay), and rarely get the recognition they deserve. By connecting mechanics directly with car owners in need of repair services on our platform, we are empowering these hard-working mechanics to control their quality of life. They are able to choose when they want to work (including evenings and weekends), and the type of cars and services they want to work on. By working directly with car owners instead of shops and dealers, they now have an opportunity to earn a better living and the freedom to spend more time with their families. We provide them access to customers, schedule flexibility, and high-quality parts. Mechanics can focus on what they love — working on cars — and we take care of the rest.

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