Castle Intelligence

"Let's make the Internet a safer place"

Legal Name
Castle Intelligence, Inc.
November 2014
Current Place
San Francisco, California, United States of America


It's 2017, and still no decline in password breaches. Businesses are struggling frantically to protect their customer data from leaking into the wrong hands. As a consequence, customers are forced to use longer and more complex passwords, turn on two-step verification, and regularly keep an eye on their account activity - for every single service they use. This shift of responsibility to the customer must stop. It is about time that companies take the next step in securing their products, and we are here to help. Whether you're building a bitcoin service, e-commerce store, mobile app, or any other customer-facing application, Castle will have your users' accounts protected from fraud and hijacks within minutes. And the more we are, the better our algorithms will get at catching the bad guys. We're committed to making a security solution that plugs in to any environment at any level, and just works. Without the need for predefined rules, professional training, and expensive support deals. A security framework for the next-generation of cloud services.

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