"More than charity"

October 2009


Developing countries are home to unbelievable amounts of energy, ingenuity, and ambition. And because millions of young adults in developing countries are now online, they no longer need charities or aid organizations to tell their remarkable stories. But while they may have access to online social connectivity, they don’t have access to the resources needed to live up to all that ambition. Formal jobs are scarce. Self-employed workers make meager earnings and lack the capital needed to grow their businesses. Local banks rarely help them out. We eliminate the middleman so that you can more fully unleash someone’s business potential. Unlike more mainstream microloan websites that use local intermediary organizations, Zidisha offers a direct person-to-person lending platform that eliminates intermediaries completely. Check out how a farmer in a remote village in Burkina Faso used Zidisha to bypass restrictive local institutions and access business growth loans for the first time in his life. Why is direct better? Because loans managed by local intermediary organizations charge exorbitant interest rates to the entrepreneurs to cover their own administrative costs. Lower cost means entrepreneurs keep more of their earnings.

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