"We believe that life is raw, life is full, and above all, life is unpressed."

Legal Name, Inc.
around 2014
Current Place
San Francisco, California, United States of America


We are striving to change people’s relationship to food in the modern world. In a society where healthy food is not convenient, and convenient food is rarely healthy, we are attempting to fundamentally change the notion that “fast food” must be “bad food.” We envision a world where technology can actually bring us closer to nature and enrich our lives by nourishing our bodies. Our goal is not only to make healthy, delicious smoothies, but also to make them accessible to everyone: from the green smoothie experts to the skeptics and everyone in-between. Whether you make your own kale concoctions at home, or you cringe at the sight of greens – what we provide is invaluable: time, ease, and health, all in one. Instead of struggling with cutting boards, wilting produce, and a messy blender in the morning, let us save you the time and the trouble.

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