"In Data We Trust"

Legal Name
December 2011
Current Place
San Francisco, California, United States of America


Priceonomics turns data into great stories. We're a collection of writers, data scientists, engineers and analysts that are obsessed with creating and spreading quality, data-driven information. We’re based in San Francisco, CA and funded by great investors like Y Combinator, Spark Capital, SV Angel and more. We make money by helping companies turn their data into content marketing that performs. We help companies come up with interesting topics, analyze their data, and turn the insights into great content marketing that spreads. It works! You can frequently see some of our work from the Priceonomics Data Studio showcased on Priceonomics. Our approach uses a key piece of software we created called Content Tracker, a content measurement dashboard, that we encourage you to use at your company. You can learn more about the "Priceonomics way" of doing content marketing by reading The Content Marketing Handbook, our 30,000+ word blog post about the topic.

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