Community Guidelines

You content, including any media, must NOT contain hate, libel, pornographic content, copyright infringement, and trade secrets.

You must agree to our Terms and Conditions and our Licensing Terms.

Any public submissions on TheyMadeThat, must primarily consist of freely licensed content and media, instead of fair use content.

Public Viewing and Editing

All submitted content regarding the public details of people, organizations, and things, both abstract concepts and physical objects; will be publicly viewable.

Previously submitted and published content may be editted by registered users, unless that content is specifically determined by the Company to be associated to a particular user.


Abusive and offensive content is not allowed on the Service. Users who submit abusive and offensive content and media will be banned and their submissions will be removed from the Service.

The Service will have some measures to help discourage the submission of abusive and offensive content. However we realize that our tools will not be able to filter or remove all abusive and offensive content. Please report to staff any abusive or offensive content that you may find on the Service.

Duplicate Content

Though we strive to prevent duplicate content on the Service, we are aware that our tools may not prevent the creation of duplicate content. When duplicate content is identified, staff may take steps to merge duplicate content.

Notable People, Organizations, and Things

We may lock down pages for notable people, organizations, and things that are prone to vandalism. In the future the Service will have tools that will allow registered users to mitigate content lockdowns. For now for any locked content additions, updates, and corrections, please contact us. We may be change, update, or delete data within the TheyMadeThat DataSet without notice for any reason at our sole discretion.