"The way engineers build hardware needs an update. We build tools that are setting hardware design back on track and bolstering it with new and innovative technology."

Current Place
Toronto, Canada


We're on a mission to make hardware less hard; to empower engineers by equipping them with world-class technology, knowledge, and support. We are making every step of hardware design approachable, pleasant, and productive. We believe the tools should fade into the background, freeing engineers to be truly creative. We believe it's our duty to build tools that remove the tedium out of hardware development. Our collaborative, web-based CAD tools make every step of PCB design easy, efficient, and pain-free. Teams of any size can collaborate without unnecessary duplication of effort. No more endless email threads with bulky attachments; timezones are never a limiting factor; communication latency drops from days to minutes; and your team's potential is fully unlocked.

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