Digital Equipment Corporation

"Honesty and respect for customers and employees."

around 1957
around 1998
Birth Place
Maynard, Massachusetts, , United States of America
Current Place
United States of America


Digital Equipment Corporation, also known as DEC, and using the trademark, Digital, was a major American company in the computer industry from the 1950s to the 1990s. Digital was a leading vendor of computer systems, including computers, software, and peripherals. Their PDP and successor VAX products were the most successful of all minicomputers in terms of sales. Their PDP series of machines became popular in the 1960s, especially the PDP-8, widely considered to be the first successful minicomputer. Looking to simplify and update their line, Digital replaced most of their smaller machines with the PDP-11 in 1970, eventually selling over 600,000 units and cementing Digital's position in the industry. Originally designed as a follow-on to the PDP-11, Digital's VAX-11 series was the first widely used 32-bit minicomputer, sometimes referred to as "superminis". These systems were able to compete in many roles with larger mainframe computers, such as the IBM System/370. The VAX was a best-seller, with over 400,000 sold, and its sales through the 1980s propelled the company into the second largest computer company in the industry. Digital was acquired in June 1998 by Compaq, in what was at that time the largest merger in the history of the computer industry.

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