Gymnasium Karlovac

Legal Name
Gymnasium Karlovac
around 1766
Current Place
Karlovac, Croatia


Gymnasium Karlovac , sometimes historically referred to as Higher Real Gymnasium, is a gymnasiumin the city of Karlovac in Croatia. Housed in a dedicated building constructed in 1863, the schoolconsiders itself to have been founded as early as 1766. At that time, Karlovac was part of the CroatianMilitary Frontier under the rule of the Austrian Empire. Starting in 1766 and under the direction ofMaria Theresa of Austria, piarists were sent to Karlovac to teach subjects to two grade levels, themain subject being the Latin language.The gymnasium's most famous alumnus is inventor, physicist,and electrical and mechanical engineer Nikola Tesla who attended the school from 1870 until 1873. Startinghis studies in Karlovac at the age of 14, Tesla had decided upon his career before graduating fromthe Higher Real Gymnasium at the age of 17.In early 2010 the gymnasium was accepted as the 37th memberof the German global school network in Croatia. This designation allows students to attend German universitieswithout having to complete the usual prerequisite German language entrance examination.

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