Healthy Labs

"We envision a world in which every patient can instantly tap into the knowledge and experiences of every other"

Legal Name
Healthy Labs, Inc.
around 2011
Current Place
San Francisco, California, United States of America


Sean had an idea. What if we could network all the world's patients with Crohn's & Colitis together and learn from everything they knew? Not just things they knew, but things their body knew. What if we could massively distribute health tracking tools in the hands of millions of patients throughout the globe. Then as each patient tried a new diet, a new supplement, a new treatment, eastern or western, we would learn how it worked. He quit his job and started programming it from home, and pushed it live to Crohnology.comThe most amazing frontier for us right now is the work we are doing on using Crohnology for the world's most powerful democratic platform for research. Paired with genetic or microbiome datasets, Crohnology has the power to radically advance the understanding of the cause and cure of Crohn's & Colitis.

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