Bell Labs

The Idea Factory

Legal Name
Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated
around 1925
Current Place
Murray Hill, New Jersey, United States of America


Bell Laboratories is the research and development subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent. Bell Laboratories operates its headquarters in Murray Hill, New Jersey, United States, and has research and developmentfacilities throughout the world. The historic laboratory originated in the late 19th century as theVolta Laboratory and Bureau created by Alexander Graham Bell. Bell labs was also at one time a divisionof the American Telephone & Telegraph Company , half-owned through its Western Electric manufacturingsubsidiary. Researchers working at Bell Labs are credited with the development of radio astronomy,the transistor, the laser, the charge-coupled device , information theory, the UNIX operating system, the C programming language, S programming language and the C++ programming language. Seven Nobel Prizeshave been awarded for work completed at Bell Laboratories.

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