Kulveer Taggar

"Cofounder & CEO of @zeus_living (2015+). Funded by @nfxguild @ycombinator @bowerycapital @floodgatefund. From London. Studied PPE @stjohnsox. Support @manunited"

Current Place
San Francisco, California, United States of America


As a founding member of Oxford Entrepreneurs, Kulveer went on to establish the society as one the most enterprising in the country during his tenure as President. He founded Idea Idol, paved the way for future expansion by setting up the first successful rollout at LSE, and led the society on to a national profile. Whilst still an undergraduate, Kulveer successfully invested in property in three continents, and cofounded Boso, the biggest online student marketplace in the UK. Having raised funding from the prestigious venture firm Y Combinator, Kulveer is currently visiting San Francisco, where he hangs out in Evan Williams‘ Obvious offices.

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