Pete Estes

"The Camaro is a new standard in small car appearance and performance."

January 7, 1916
March 24, 1988
Birth Place
United States of America
Current Place
United States of America


Elliot Marantette "Pete" Estes was an American automotive engineer and executive, most known as being the fifteenth president of General Motors, from 1974 to 1981. He was elected president and chief operating officer of General Motors on September 30, 1974. He retired from that position and GM on February 1, 1981. Immediately prior to being elected president of the Corporation, Estes was a director of GM and executive vice president in charge of the Operations Staff since October 1, 1972. A native of Mendon, Mich., Estes was born January 7, 1916. After graduating from Constantine (Michigan) High School, he attended General Motors Institute (GMI) in Flint for four years and studied two years at the University of Cincinnati from which he was graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering in 1940.

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