Michael Dhuey

“The media likes to create this impression that Steve is the only one who does anything at Apple, but the whole company isn’t run by one man.”

July 20, 1958
Current Place
California, United States of America


Michael Joseph Dhuey is chiefly known as the co-inventor of the Macintosh II computer in 1987, the first Macintosh computer with expansion slots. He was also one of the two hardware engineers who developed the hardware for the original iPod in 2001, particularly the battery. He began programming at age 14 at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee and by age 15 was working professionally as a programmer at Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance. He received his computer engineering degree in 1980 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He worked at Apple Computer from 1980 to 2005. He is currently employed at Cisco Systems, where he has worked on the Cisco TelePresence remote conferencing system.

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