George Pake

“I don't know how much hard copy I'll want in this world."

April 1924
March 4, 2004
Birth Place
Kent, Ohio, United States of America
Current Place
Tucson, Arizona, United States of America


George Pake was a physicist and research executive primarily known for helping found Xerox PARC.After four years as a physics professor at Washington University in St. Louis, Pake became the head of the physics department at age 28. He later went on to become provost of the university from 1962 to 1970 before leaving to serve as founding director of Xerox PARC. At Xerox PARC, he assembled a first-rate collection of research talent, especially in the area of computer science. During Dr. Pake's years running Xerox PARC, the research center invented the laser printer and pioneered the use of a computer "desktop" which functioned by clicking on "icons."

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