John Coogan

"Co-Founder of @Soylent. I like technology, biology, food, ecommerce and generally anything that can be hacked."

Current Place
Los Angeles, California, United States of America


As Soylent’s Chief Technology Officer, John Coogan manages a team of highly-skilled engineers and data scientists focused Soylent’s web presence, building e-commerce, order management, and fulfillment software. Most recently, he spearheaded efforts to acquire Coogan built Soylent’s initial e-commerce site responsible for handling millions in payments every month. Under his leadership, the young company achieved 99.99% uptime on a budget of less than $100,000, while he also managed Soylent’s database build-out, business intelligence systems, in addition to numerous legal, finance, and HR ad-hoc projects. Prior to Soylent, John worked in finance, as well as early- and mid- stage technology companies. He also co-founded, alongside Soylent Chief Marketing Officer David Renteln, a venture-backed education technology company. Coogan has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Northeastern University and is enamored with big data and anything that increases his efficiency. A native of the Greater Los Angeles Area, he currently resides in Downtown Los Angeles with his fellow co-founders.

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