George Bunker

"Even in the toy stores you see nothing but space helmets, rockets, satellites, space ships and guided missiles"

around 1908
November 7, 1985
Birth Place
Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Current Place
Orlando, Florida, United States of America


George Bunker, of the Glenn L. Martin Company, was a legendary aerospace executive, helping steward the company away from financial trouble to multiple expansions and mergers. He succeeded Glenn L. Martin as president of the Martin Company in 1952. He would remain at the company until 1977 as chairman. Bunker also founded The Research Institute for Advanced Studies in 1955 to support fundamental research. Like the leaders of other aircraft companies in the United States, Bunker recognized that the future of aviation lay in applying new ideas of fundamental research in mathematics, electronics, and physics that had been developed during World War II.

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