Kindle 1

"Amazon's revolutionary wireless reading device"

Announcement / Release
November 19, 2007
February 10, 2009
Birth Place
United States of America


Amazon released the Kindle, its first e-reader, on November 19, 2007, for US$399. It sold out in five and a half hours. The device remained out of stock for five months until late April 2008. The device features a 6 inch diagonal display with 4-levels of grayscale, and 250 MB of internal storage, which can hold approximately 200 non-illustrated titles. It also has a speaker and headphone jack that allows the user to listen to audio files on Kindle. It is the only Kindle with expandable storage, via an SD card slot. The device's Whispernet feature was co-designed with Qualcomm, and Kindle was the first device to include free US-wide 3G access to download e-books from Amazon's Kindle Store. Amazon did not sell the first generation Kindle outside the US.

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