Heinrich Göbel's Light Bulb Prototype

A light bulb prototype composed of thin carbonized bamboo filament of high resistance, platinum lead-in wires in an all-glass envelope, with a high vacuum.

Announcement / Release
April 30, 1882
Birth Place
New York, New York, United States of America


On April 30, 1882 the New York Times reported about an exhibition of incandescent light bulbs in Goebel's shop. According to this report Henry Goebel told the story, that the electric light was by no means as new an invention as it was popularly supposed to be and that he knew this kind of light since his time in Germany. He affirmed that he produced electric lights since the 1850s without giving technical details. The lamps at exhibition were incandescent light bulbs with carbon-filaments of high resistance made of fibres of reed.

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