Apple Macintosh TV

"The Power to be Your Best"

Announcement / Release
October 1993
February 1994
Birth Place
Cupertino, California, United States of America


The Macintosh TV was Apple Computer's first attempt at computer-television integration. Itshared the external appearance of the Macintosh LC 500 series, but in black. The Macintosh TV was essentiallya Performa 520 that could switch its built-in 14' Sony Trinitron CRT from being a computer displayto a cable-ready television. It was incapable of showing television in a desktop window, although itcould capture still frames to PICT files. It came with a small credit card-sized remote control thatwas also compatible with Sony televisions. It was the first Macintosh to be made in black and camewith a custom black keyboard and mouse. Later Apple would issue a custom black Performa 5420 in marketsoutside the United States with many of the features of the Mac TV. The Mac TV tuner card was a popularoption for the LC & Performa series. Only 10,000 were made in the model's short time on the market.

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