Gimlet Media's Startup Season 2

"Hey, we’re back! This season, Alex is joined by co-Host Lisa Chow, to follow an entirely new company. The business is Dating Ring"

Announcement / Release
around 2015
around 2015
Birth Place
United States of America


Dating Ring’s founders apply to the very competitive, very prestigious startup school Y-Combinator. And, they’re accepted – one of 76 companies in an initial applicant pool of 2000. Lauren, Emma, and Katie pack their bags and head to beautiful Mountain View, California to build the company. The 3 months in Y-Combinator bring all sorts of challenges and surprises. An unconventional marketing strategy proves selling dates is nothing like selling cheeseburgers. A survey reveals new information about Dating Ring’s customers. After a series of matchmaking mishaps, the Dating Ring founders respond by changing a defining part of their business. And the whole time, they’re racing to grow fast and show results. All that pressure, leads to a lot of tension and a blowout fight among the founders. Lauren, Emma, and Katie try to recover in time to pitch 500 investors onstage at Y Combinator’s Demo Day.

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