"Recycling the Web in Real Time"

Announcement / Release
January 2001
February 28, 2011
Birth Place
United States of America

About was a general-interest, community-driven internet forum, with readers moderating discussions, submitting stories, and participating in their selection. Plastic was launched in January 2001 by Automatic Media, a conglomerate that included the pioneering webzines Feed and In keeping with Automatic's model of small, low-cost websites, Plastic launched with a staff of only four, amongst them Suck co-founder Joey Anuff as editor-in-chief. Plastic did not feature any advertising, and was supported entirely by user donations. The site used a modified version of Slash, the content management system developed and distributed by Slashdot, and it was almost entirely member-driven. As of November 11, 2008, there were 50,218 accounts, with several thousand being active members.

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