Noora Health

"Teaching those who care the most how to help those who need it the most"

Announcement / Release
around 2014
Birth Place
San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States of America


Noora Health unleashes the potential of patients and their family members by training them with health skills to tremendously improve clinical outcomes, provide care and save lives. By training families with simple, low-risk health skills, Noora Health enables otherwise disenfranchised patients and their families to take care into their own hands and homes. To date, Noora has trained over 15,000 families and, thus far, has seen a significant reduction in hospital readmission rates (24%), reduction in post-surgical complications (36%) and saved an estimated 200 lives. Through interactive training and technology Noora Health makes sure that families have the tools they need to succeed after a major diagnosis, surgery, or after childbirth; replacing anxiety with competency and easing the transition from the hospital to the home.

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