Programmed Data Processor

"A compact, solid state, general purpose digital computer offering a combination of speed, flexibility, and programming power unmatched by any"

Announcement / Release
December 1959
around 1990
Birth Place
Cambridge, Massachusettes, United States of America


Programmed Data Processor (PDP) was a series of minicomputers made and marketed by the Digital Equipment Corporation from 1957 to 1990. The name "PDP" intentionally avoided the use of the term "computer" because, at the time of the first PDPs, computers had a reputation of being large, complicated, and expensive machines, and the venture capitalists behind Digital would not support Digital's attempting to build a "computer"; the word "minicomputer" had not yet been coined. Instead, Digital used their existing line of logic modules to build a Programmed Data Processor and aimed it at a market that could not afford the larger computers.

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