Flock Safety

"We exist because Police only clear 13% of all reported burglaries and motor-vehicle theft due to lack of evidence."

April 2017
Current Place
Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America


We are based in Atlanta, Georgia with installers located throughout the United States. We develop our own hardware and write our own software to create the best technology at the best price. Our flock is made up of engineers, designers, marketers, and operators with a passion to make every neighborhood safer. We are led by Garrett Langley, Matt Feury, and Paige Todd. After moving into a new neighborhood and witnessing a run of crime over the Holidays, Garrett, our CEO and Co-Founder, looked into getting traditional security cameras installed for the community. Shocked at the price and lack of modern technology, Garrett kept searching for better solutions, but nothing great existed. So Flock was born. This idea that we could use modern technology to actually solve and eventually prevent crime was exhilarating. We knew there would be plenty of challenges ahead, but we couldn't stop thinking about it. We sought out to build a security system from the ground up designed for neighborhoods, that didn't require complicated infrastructure, that didn't need to be expensive, and that protected our privacy. Within months of launching Flock, we helped solve our first crime and we knew we were onto something. Now, it's our greatest measure of success - are we able to help our customers when they need us most? Today, thousands of homes are a part of our Flock, and our team wakes up every day to help protect them.

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